How does the White Dolphin Kit Club work?
When you sign up for the White Dolphin Kit Club, you will receive the Main kit (1 x Double Layout) each month at the discounted price of R260.00 (non-member price is R300.00).  The initial R260.00 includes your first kit. 
White Dolphin Kit Club Members can purchase add-on kits for 5% discount and get free shipping for add-on kits when shipped with your monthly subscription kit.
What are the benefits of joining the White Dolphin Kit Club?
Our White Dolphin Kits include the latest patterned papers & embellishments from the best manufacturers.
How does the membership work?
Your initial commitment is for 3 months.  After 3 months, you will transition to a monthly membership that can be cancelled at anytime with a 30 day notice by email.
What's in each kit?
Our monthly White Dolphin Kits include a variety of the latest scrapbook products available from the best suppliers. These products are picked personally by Sonja Nell and carefully coordinated.  Each kit will include a variety of patterned papers, cardstock, stickers and a great selection of embellishments.  Full color photo and notes.
How do I order Add-on kits?
As a member you can order add-on kits online at any time. (5% discount on your add-on kits). If you order your add-on kits prior to your Main subscription kit, we will ship it free along with your Main kit!  
What are the shipping options?
Shipping is a flat R60.00 for packages shipped locally in within the Gauteng Region and R95.00 for Regional Areas.
At White Dolphin Kits Club we want our customers to be completely satisfied with their subscriptions, so please take a moment to read our policies and procedures before you sign up. 
The last day to sign up for the coming month is the 14th of each month. Payment to received latest by the 15th of each month for month end subscription kits.
If subscribing is closed (full) for that cycle, customers can request to be added to the next month subscription
Cancellation Policy:   Subscribers can cancel their subscription at any time with written notice 30 days in advance by email. If cancellation notice is given on April 15th for example, the first kit they will NOT receive will be the June kit. If notice is not provided, the customer will continue to be responsible for payment, and will receive an invoice via email in order to provide an alternative form of payment. 
Subscriber Loyalty Incentives:  White Dolphin Kits Club does not ask for a long term commitment. Rather, we want to earn your business by providing not only an excellent product but also a friendly community and loads of inspiration. We appreciate feedback from our subscribers and the White Dolphin Kits team is always available to address your concerns or answer any questions you may have. 
When will I receive my kit each month? /Shipping:  Kits will begin shipping the last week of the month, unless this date range falls on a weekend or holiday. Subscriber Kits will ship the latest the 3rd of the month, if we have any manufacturer product or delays we will inform all subscribers as soon as possible. We send these notifications out using Mail Chimp Newsletters and status updates on Facebook.
Suspension of Subscription:  Unfortunately we cannot allow subscribers to 'skip' a month. But if you cancel your subscription you can always sign up again the next month or at a later date.
Return Policy/Satisfaction Guarantee:  Refunds or a replacement kit will be given promptly if your kit is damaged upon arrival. You must have a damage return authorized by White Dolphin Kits prior to mailing the kit back in order to receive a full refund for the kit including shipping charges. White Dolphin may require proof of damages for insurance purposes.
Terms of Use: Kits are intended for personal use and may not be resold in any store or on the internet including any auction or website such as EBay or Etsy as a whole kit. Failure to comply with this policy may result in termination of your subscription. Designs for exclusive White Dolphin Kits products are the property of White Dolphin Kits and individual White Dolphin designers and may not be copied, reproduced, or used commercially without prior written permission from White Dolphin Kits Club
Trademarks:  The name White Dolphin Kits and its original designs and logos are owned exclusively by White Dolphin Kits Club, all rights reserved.
By subscribing to White Dolphin Kits Club, you indicate you have read and agree to the terms set forth in this agreement.
Does White Dolphin Scrapbooking sell to public with The Wholesaler’s retail ordering function which allows a consumer to place an order directly on The Wholesaler’s website and to select White Dolphin Scrapbooking (Online Store), as store of their choice?
Yes. White Dolphin Scrapbooking offers online ordering as a service to the public and to home stores. End users are able to browse The Wholesaler’s extensive range of essential scrapbooking products and to place an order online with White Dolphin Scrapbooking (Online Store) as their chosen scrapbooking store. 
This order is sent directly to White Dolphin Scrapbooking, who will then be responsible for contacting the end user and processing the order. 
The Wholesaler does not deal directly with the public at any time and is in no way responsible for the processing of retail orders. The public should contact White Dolphin Scrapbooking for any queries relating to orders placed online. 
How do I place an order directly on The Wholesaler’s website?
There are 3 types of categories: Brands, Types and Collections.  Brands will show all Main brand and clicking on them will take you to a brand page. Products types and Collections will take you to the products page filtered by that category type. Alternatively, click in the search box, enter a search phrase and click the Search button. 
A maximum of sixteen products will display on a page. If there are more than sixteen products in a category, or search result set, paging options will appear at the bottom right of the product grid. You may then browse to the first, previous, next or last page in the set. Enter a quantity of a product to add to the shopping cart in the Order box. This action automatically adds the quantity entered for that product to the shopping cart.
Click on an image to enter the pop-up product view. This view presents an enlarged image of the product as well as additional information. Add a product to the shopping cart by entering a quantity in the Order box. Browse through products using the left and right bracket icons to see the previous or next product in the category (or search result set). 
To view the contents of the shopping cart at any time, click the View Order button to go to the Order Edit page. If you are satisfied with your order and wish to proceed with the order submission process, you must first go to the Order Edit page by clicking the View Order button. 
The quantities of a product can be updated on this page by clicking in the box under the 'Qty' column and changing the number. Products may be removed individually by clicking on the 'remove' link in the 'Remove' column and confirming this action when prompted. All products may also be cleared from the shopping cart by clicking Clear Order (All Items). 
To proceed, click Order now. 
Fill in the form with your details. Select a region from the Select Region dropdown box. Then select the Store Type. Click on Show Stores. If you selected Online store then a list of online stores will be be shown. Select White Dolphin Scrapbooking Online Store.  Click on the 'Order from this Store' button, at which point an email will automatically be sent to you  confirming your order, as well as to White Dolphin Scrapbooking.